PFA Baseball Training


Goals are made to be broken! Our Elite Baseball Training will surpass your expectations.  Our program covers everything you need to hit harder, throw faster, and stay healthy.  We combine a complete approach to strength and movement.  We start you off with a professional evaluation and then set up a complete program for your entire season including the off-season.  No matter your position, we will tailor your program to not only hit your goals, but push you further and harder to compete at a level you didn’t even know you could get to!

Pitching Evaluations

PocketWhipNStick™ isn't just a cool catch phrase, it is the product of studying 100,000’s of throws from youth to MLB players. It is the window into the most efficient delivery possible.  Our evaluation begins with finding out what you do best and your areas of improvement.  We will then establish an individualized throwing program with a specific set of drills customized to your needs. You will learn what goes into an efficient arm path and total body movement. This alone can help you achieve significant gains in health, command, and velocity and how best to do it for a long career.

Pitching Lessons

Our baseball coaches are the best of the best!  Every coach is handpicked for their high level of experience in either professional or college ball and has been certified by Dave Coggin to teach PocketWhipNStick™. What that means is no matter who you are working with you can be assured we are all speaking the same language.  Each coach has their subtle interpretations but we all meet monthly to discuss what things we are seeing so we can stay on top of any new or old ideas that are working for each individual, it’s a true team approach to give each pitcher the best instruction available.  Our goal is to create the healthiest and best version of you!


Our gym is one the best gyms in the country with some of the highest quality equipment around (Keiser, TRX Suspension Training). This allows us to produce a high level strength and conditioning program that is second to none in the area.  PFA works with each athlete’s specific goals and season he/she is in to make sure those goals are met.  PFA has been the leader in baseball strength and conditioning for the last 10 years and we are now training softball and gold with the same success.


PFA trainers constantly stress the importance of diet. We instruct our athletes on how to accommodate their goals of gaining mass, trimming, or losing weight through nutrition. We also educate on how food plays a role in how your joints feel or how to help your brain operate at its highest level.  We follow the guidelines of nutrition from Dave Coggin’s baseball lifestyle book called Complete Athlete.

About PFA Elite Baseball Training

Remote Training

Experience the PFA Elite Advantage! Can’t make it to Claremont to train with us? Our Remote Baseball Training program has got you covered. The PFA remote training program covers everything that you need to hit harder, throw faster, and stay healthy. Without having to leave your hometown.