The Road to the Pros Begins Here

At PFA we are here to help our athletes prepare to play at the highest levels of the sport AND be a desirable recruit for college and/or professional coaches.
We are here to hlep you discover your own superior athletic potential.

Walk-In Training Hours

  • College Mon.-Fri. 8am-12pm
  • High School Mon.-Thurs. 4pm-8pm
  • Youth Mon.-Thurs. 5pm-6pm
  • Private Instruction Call to schedule

Strength and Conditioning Program includes upper & lower body and agility training

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Meet Our Trainers

Dave Coggin

Owner, Head Coach

A good coach prepares his or her players for the game; a great coach prepares them for life!

Bobby Oneill

Sports Performance Coach

There is an unparalleled level of work ethic, commitment, motivation, professionalism, and character that resonates off PFA's walls every night.

Ryan Moore

Batting Instructor

Athletes develop through a process in which their swing changes rapidly, and the difference after even one hour with me is very noticeable.

Zach Leal

Youth Trainer

Dave and I both agree that the type of person you are takes you a lot further in life than just sports.